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Shipping Notice:

Due to severe ice storms and related FedEx delays, all orders will be shipped out on Monday, February 6th for delivery on Tuesday, February 7th.

Please feel free to call for more details.

Please Note: All Order Are Currently Shipped vis FedEx.

Until further notice, there will be NO Friday for Saturday arrival shipments. Cut-off time for same-day packing can change anytime. We suggest placing orders as soon as you see the stock you want. If there are certain days you are not able to receive your shipment, then let us know by putting the instructions in the “Customer Notes” located in the chack-out cart. Don’t send emails with instructions because we might not read the email in time. Send in Your orders, and we will do our best to pack and ship within 24 – 48 hours.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and business.
We try our best.

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