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Best Tarantulas for Pets

February 7, 2018
Posted by admin

Curious about which type makes the best tarantulas for pets? Don’t be! Most tarantulas are awesome creatures and even better companions. You can find some of the best tarantulas for pets available right now on our website! Our latest additions to our collection have a pretty huge variety of different types of tarantulas, all available at amazing prices. Continue reading to find out more about the best tarantulas for pets. Or, for a more investigative look at our collection, visit our website. You can get to our website by following the link provided here: Strictly Reptiles.

Best Tarantulas for Pets | Latest Additions & Prices

Costa Rican Red Leg Tarantulas – ½” for  $55 each

Mexican Red Knee Tarantulas – 2” for $50 each or 6/ $45 each

Mexican Red Leg Tarantulas – 2” for $60/ each

Brazilian White Knee Tarantulas – 2” for $35 each  6/ $30 each

Bahia Grey Bird Eating Tarantulas – 3” for $40 each or 6/ $35 each

Brazilian Blue Tarantulas – ½” $40 each or 6/ $35 each

Brazilian Black Tarantulas – 1” for $45 each for 6/ $40 each

Colombian Giant  Red Leg Tarantulas – 3″ to 4” for $45 each or 6/ $40 each

Colombian Pumpkin Patch Tarantulas – 2″ to 3”  $40 each  6/ $35 each

Cuban Bronze Tarantulas – 4” (females) for $75 each

Ornamental Baboon Tarantulas – for $12 each

Cameroon Red Baboon Tarantulas – (juvenile – adults) for $30 each

Best Tarantulas for Pets | Fun Facts

  • Most female tarantulas are larger than males due to sexual dimorphism.
  • Female tarantulas can lay up to two thousand eggs from a single mating.
  • The lifespan of a tarantula varies. Female tarantulas in captivity can live as long as 30 years while males often live closer to 15 years.
  • Some tarantulas periodically molt, which means they shed their exoskeleton in order to grow.
  • Most tarantulas eat insects, though some larger ones have been known to enjoy small frogs, mice, and lizards.

Best Tarantulas for Pets | About Us

Strictly Reptiles is an online tarantula breeder that also distributes a variety of different exotic reptiles and other animals for private collectors and pet stores. Our South Florida facility and personnel put the lives and well-being of our pets first, second only to customer service. Please take the time to visit our website to view our impressive and extensive collection of exotic, beautiful creatures. Feel free to reach out and CONTACT US if you have any additional questions for us or care to find out more about the creatures we are passionate about.

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Best Tarantulas for Pets