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Things To Know Before You Buy Bearded Dragon Pets

October 22, 2018
Posted by admin

Before you buy bearded dragon there are a number of things to consider to ensure your new scaly friend is happy and healthy in its new home. Besides where to buy these wonderful pets there are other considerations such as caring, housing, and feeding for your bearded dragon.

Below is a list for first time bearded dragon owners to consider before purchasing their new “beardy” as they are affectionately called. With some thought and compassion, you will be ready when you buy bearded dragon lizards.

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Habitat and Care

Before buying a baby or adult bearded dragon you must consider the environment they need to be most comfortable. Your bearded dragon will need some space to house and you will need a suitable space to place a tank to house them.

It is generally recommended that a bearded dragon should be housed in a one-hundred and twenty-five-gallon tank to be most comfortable. Most beardy enthusiasts will tell you that the best way to ensure your tank is large enough is to buy the largest possible within your budget.

Buying the largest habitat or terrarium, as its called, will prevent the need for you to continue purchasing larger tanks as your bearded dragon grows larger. Typically, captive adults will reach sixteen to twenty-four inches in size and live to be about fourteen years old with good care.

You must also consider the amount of time you will spend to buy bearded dragon pets as they do require some attention. As a beardy owner you must be prepared to bathe, feed, maintain the habitat, and even walk your scaly friend.

Dietary Needs

The nutritional needs of your pet bearded dragon must also be considered to ensure their health is optimal. Baby and juvenile baby dragons require large amounts of protein and their diet consists mainly of insects.

You can determine what kind of appetite your bearded dragon has after a few feedings but usually, a juvenile bearded dragon will eat three times a day on average. They typically eat Dubia roaches and crickets but have been known to also eat grasshoppers, silkworms, locusts, and other insects.

As a juvenile beardy grows into an adult, they will start to eat increasingly larger amounts of plant-based food. In fact, adult beardies mostly eat leafy greens and should be kept in mind when trying to buy bearded dragon pets.

Final Considerations

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when caring for a bearded dragon is whether your heart is in it, to begin with. Beardies make wonderful, loving pets but require time, patience, compassion, and attention to ensure they live happy lives.

Owning a bearded dragon is a long-term commitment and you must be absolutely certain about your decision. Remember to set aside enough time before you buy bearded dragon lizards to learn as much as possible about the care and housing of these interesting animals.

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