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Buy Snakes Online 2018

January 8, 2018
Posted by admin

It is a shame not everyone loves the smooth beauty of snakes. From their unique patterns to their varying temperaments, snakes are some of the most diverse animals on the planet. Fortunately, more people than ever now appreciate the delights of keeping snakes as pets. For this reason, we decided it was best to provide snakes that are guaranteed healthy and well cared for. For those looking for the best place to buy snakes online 2018 has to offer then there is no place better than Strictly Reptiles. Visit our website for more information about our snakes or to read more about who we are at the link provided here: Strictly Reptiles.

Buy Snakes Online 2018 | Snake Prices

Now that we are into the new year, we thought it was best to lower our already low prices for snakes. The success of last year is what has enabled us to do this and we believe it is a direct correlation between the magnificent animals we provide private owners and other snake suppliers. We always put the lives of our animals first and it is reflected in every single snake that we supply. Here are some of the updated prices for our diverse collection of different snakes:

  • Amazon Tree Boas – $25/ each
  • Caramel Corn Snakes (babies) – $35/ each
  • Sinaloan Milk Snakes (babies) – $45/ each
  • Albino Blood Python “T” Positive (juvenile) – $175
  • Mexican Black King Snakes (babies) – $85/ each
  • Hypo Bull Snakes (juveniles) $100/ each
  • Tangerine Honduran Milk Snakes (babies) – $65/ each
  • Apricot Pueblan Milk Snakes (babies) – $45/ each
  • Blue Eyed Lucy Ball Python – $250

Buy Snakes Online 2018 | The Strictly Difference

We stand by the six reasons that have gained us a trusting and loyal customer base.

  1. We answer our phones and are here for you 6 days a week.
  2. We have over 30 years experience
  3. We guarantee the best animal quality and services above everything else.
  4. We guarantee to care for the packing and shipping of our animals ourselves, from our own facilities.
  5. Every one of our staff members is equally passionate about every one of our amazing, beautiful animals.
  6. We aim for nothing but 100% satisfaction and want to hear if we can do better.

Buy Snakes Online 2018 | About Us

Strictly Reptiles is a wholesale distributor of snakes, reptiles, and other exotic animals. We breed and care for our animals in our South Florida licensed facility that follows all of the USDA regulations and compliance rules. We supply zoos, pet stores, and hobbyists and love sharing our creatures with others that enjoy the same passions. CONTACT US if you have any additional questions. Be sure to check our website regularly for our ever-changing featured animal additions!

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Buy Snakes Online 2018