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Exotic Pets For Sale Online at Strictly Reptiles

March 30, 2020
Posted by Valentina Delcoro

Strictly Reptiles knows first hand the benefit taking care of a pet can add to your life. We have a variety of exotic pets for sale online and all the accompanying supplies needed to provide them with a full life. There are many exotic pets with their own varying needs. Here we will highlight a few thrilling exotic pets and give a few Strictly Reptiles tips. 



Skinks are a class of lizards with species found all over the world. They often have longer bodies and tails than most lizards we are used to seeing, making them quite interesting to look at. Different species of skinks vary greatly in appearance and in the different adaptations they have developed over the years. Most species of skinks are burrowing ground dwellers but arboreal and semiaquatic varieties do exist.  Some of the skinks we sell at Strictly Reptiles include: 


Red Eye Armored Skink- Also called the Red-eyed Crocodile Skink or simply Crocodile Skink, this lizard is native to New Guinea and enjoys life in the misty rainforest. Like many skinks, Crocodile skinks are primarily insectivores. This makes them a great option for those interested in keeping exotic reptiles who do not feel comfortable feeding mice. They get the name Red Eye skink gets its name from the beautiful scarlet hued scales that surround its eyes. It is worth noting that Red-eyed Skinks are beautiful observational creatures but thrive with minimal handling. 


Peter’s Banded Skink- These skinks hail from the grasslands of northern Africa and sports a beautiful yellowish-tan color with defined black bands. They are a bit newer to the exotic reptile trade but have been known to have a mild temperament great for petkeeping. They are omnivores, so a varied diet of fruits, veggies, and protein sources like insects and eggs will help them thrive. 



When You think of exotic pets, turtles may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are many species of turtles offered online by Strictly reptiles other than the red-eared and yellow-bellied sliders most of us are accustomed to. If you are looking for an exotic turtle, you may consider:


Albino Pink Bellied Sideneck- Considered one of the most beautiful albino turtles, the Albino Pink Bellied Sideneck shows of beautiful patterns on yellow, orange, pink, and cream hues. These turtles, just like their non-albino counterparts, spend most of they’re time in the water and enjoy relatively warm water temperatures and a high protein aquatic diet. 


Mata Mata- The Mata Mata is a spectacular looking freshwater turtle like no other. Its shell is extremely ridged, giving it a 3-d look while its extremities are flat and have lots of crinkles and skin folds. Their natural habitat spans the Amazon rainforest of South America where they take shelter in shallow, muddy streams. 



If you are looking to keep an amazing exotic creature with some spook factor, consider looking outside the realm of reptiles altogether! Strictly Reptiles also offers a vast selection of gorgeous arachnids. Tarantulas are a great way to interact with an oft-misunderstood animal. We have options for both the beginner or the experienced animal keeper looking for an exciting new adventure.     


Pink-toed Tarantulas – A spectacular looking spider native to parts of both South America and the Caribbean. They have pinkish-orange capped legs and are arboreal in the wild. This makes them quite nimble and they have a notably easy-going temperament. 


Goliath Bird Eating Tarantulas- The Goliaths are a notorious spider with a sinister-sounding name. And it is true that as far as demeanor goes, they are not the friendliest. This is a spider for the seasoned arachnid enthusiast- a new and exciting challenge. While an occasional meal of larger prey like mice is recommended for adult Goliaths, most feedings will consist of insects. This spider needs a rather large enclosure when compared to other tarantulas. Consider this when deciding if a bird-eater is the right addition for you. 


Take a look at all the exotic pets for sale online at Strictly Reptiles, from reptiles to arachnids and beyond and contact us with any questions! 


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