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Why Frozen Mice For Snakes Are Better Than Live Mice

February 5, 2019
Posted by Manny Fernandez

Utilizing frozen mice for snakes is not only a highly convenient option but are much safer for your pet snake than live rats. This saves both you and your slithery friend from any unnecessary hassle come feeding time. That is why it is very important to consider frozen mice as your snake’s food source.

The article below will not only highlight the benefits of using frozen mice for your snake but also why live rodents are not only inconvenient but even dangerous. After reading, you will have a better understanding of using frozen mice as snake food and why it is the best choice.

The Dangers Of Live Mice For Your Snake

In some cases, you may notice that your snake is not responding to frozen or thawed mice and refusing to eat. This will require you to provide your snake with a fresh rodent. Despite providing a fresh rodent it is important to humanely kill the mouse before attempting to feed it to your pet snake. It is important to do this because a live mouse placed in the snake’s enclosure could be deadly for your pet.

Unlike frozen mice for snakes, a live rodent could mistake your snake for food and bite the snake. A mouse’s bite could seriously injure or even kill your pet snake. Rodent bites on snakes is an extremely common occurrence when a live mouse is introduced to the snake’s enclosure. This is why snake experts consistently recommend feeding pet snakes frozen rodents like mice as opposed to live ones.Frozen Mice For Snakes

Although feeding snakes frozen or thawed mice is the ideal option, in some cases your pet snake may refuse the frozen or thawed food. It is very important to remember that offering a live rodent to your pet snake should be the absolute last option. In the event that it is necessary, however, it is important for you to keep an extremely close eye on the live rodent, whether it’s a rat or mouse.

Fortunately, a pet snake can be conditioned over time to consume frozen mice and rats. This can be different for every snake, however, using certain feeding routines over the course of time can convert a snake from live food to frozen mice for snakes eventually. Consider this conditioning as an important investment in saving yourself future hassle and a possible injury to your snake.

Benefits Of Frozen Mice For Your Snake

Using frozen mice or rats to feed your snake is not only the safer option but also far more convenient. Frozen mice for snakes can easily be ordered online through a variety of websites. Consider Strictly Reptiles as your source for frozen mice and rats shipped directly to your door within just a few days. When they arrive they can easily be transferred to a refrigerator to await feeding time.

Frozen or thawed rodents offer the same nutritional benefits for your snake as live rodents and are convenient. All snake owners should consider frozen mice for snakes as a convenient and safe food source for their slithery serpentine friends.

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Frozen Mice For Snakes