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Frozen Rats for Snakes

March 1, 2019
Posted by Piero Alkhal

If you keep snakes as pets, then it is best for you to buy frozen rats or mice for your pet snakes. Many pet snake owners are used to feeding live rodents to their pet snake or reptile but are not aware of the dangers of offering live prey.

If you are wondering which option works best for you and your pet snake, let us help you make the decision when it comes to making sure your pet snake receives the best diet.

If you are able to feed your pet snake frozen rodents such as frozen rats or mice, we recommend doing so as they are much safer and can save you time, money and space.

When used properly, frozen rodents are much safer than live rodents.  If your snake is not hungry, he will most likely not eat or hesitate to strike its prey. The live mice or rat will then be capable of fighting back and harming your pet snake.

This can cause your snake to get seriously injured. Even a small bite or scratch can leave your pet snake exposed to infections.

Frozen rats for snakes can be found online through a variety of websites. Consider Strictly Reptiles as your number one source for frozen rats for snakes.

We carry a large selection of frozen rats and mice for snakes in many different sizes including pinky, small, medium and large. Click here to check out our full selection of frozen rats for snakes.

We sell to pet shops, zoos, and hobbyist. All of our products at Strictly Reptiles are available at wholesale price.

  • 25 PK MICE – SMALL
  • 25 PK MICE – LARGE
  • 50 PK MICE – LARGE
  • 50 PK MICE – SMALL
  • 50 PK MICE – PINKY
  • 100 PK MICE – PINKY
  • 100 PK MICE – SMALL
  • 20 PK  RATS – SMALL

Our frozen rodents are guaranteed to arrive at your front door frozen and in good condition. We have a staff who love animals and make sure to pack and ship all of all our frozen rodents with care.

At Strictly Reptiles we also carry a large selection of exotic reptiles for sale including snakes, lizards, and other unique reptiles. Browse through our website to view our full catalog of live reptiles for sale online.

If you have any question about our frozen rats for snakes, or our live reptiles for sale, feel free to contact us online or call us at 954-967-8310.

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Frozen Rats for Snakes