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Learn About & Purchase Lizards Wholesale

April 26, 2017
Posted by admin

Lizards are truly amazing animals; they have a historic existence that dates back millions of years, into the era of the dinosaurs. Lizards are astonishing, widely varied creatures, but many people don’t know just how much interesting information there is to be learned about them. Because there are approximately 6,200 identified lizard species all over the world, there are also varying characteristics from one species to the next. For this reason, it is a better approach to not generalize when talking about these remarkable animals. Any pet store owner looking to keep their customers’ interest definitely needs a quality and trusted provider to purchase lizards wholesale from.

The gecko is one of the marvels of the lizard family. It is a sensation when it comes to diversity and adaptation feats. Over 1,500 of the known 6,200 lizard species are geckos. Most gecko species are nocturnal, this characteristic has given them an impressive potential to see in the dark. Geckos have a lens in each iris that will enlarge in the dark giving them capable vision; these lenses make their eye more than 350 times more light sensitive than humans have the capability to detect. Autonomy is the scientific name for the gecko’s defense mechanism of losing their tails. Experts agree this is the most likely area to be grabbed by a predator. Geckos are even revered as good luck symbols in warm regions of the world as they will adeptly help rid the home of unwanted insect life.

 The Iguana is another astounding type of lizard. Baby iguanas are apt to survive completely independently from birth. When a mother iguana is ready to lay her eggs she finds a spot to cover them up and proceeds to walk away. Once the iguanas hatch they dig out of the area they were left in by their mother and are on their own to survive. Another incredible fact about the iguana is their impressive lung capacity and swimming skills. Iguanas tend to live around the water to help escape predators. Although iguanas breathe through their lungs they have the ability to survive underwater for just under a half hour; this combined with their excellent swimming capabilities is what allows them to avoid danger.

Chameleons are among the most unique subcategories within the lizard family. They can be found in warm, but diverse habitats such as deserts and rainforests. Iguanas have chromatophores which are specialized color pigment cells resting under the chameleon’s skin that will change their skin in patterns of red, orange, green, black, yellow, purple, pink, and blue. Though camouflage is one of the applications for this color change, it is definitely not its sole purpose. Chameleons will show combined dark colors when irritated or when trying to intimidate. Desert chameleons will change to black when cold because the darker pigmentation helps absorb and retain heat. In the contrary situation, they will change to a light gray to help reflect heat.

If you are a pet store considering buying lizards wholesale; you should be looking for an expert wholesale provider who also ethically cares for their animals. Strictly Reptiles takes pride in distributing well cared for, happy, and healthy animals. Buying lizards wholesale is a great move for any pet store owner looking to offer interesting animal companions that are growing in popularity. Demand is rising; we can help your pet store stay adequately stocked keeping your customers satisfied. Strictly reptiles offer a wide range of wholesale reptiles, as well as some arachnids, invertebrates, amphibians, and mammals. Some of the other animals we carry include:

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