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Online Wholesale Reptile Superstore!

August 22, 2021
Posted by Joe Shopsin

Online Wholesale Reptile Superstore!

Strictly Reptile is your number one online wholesale reptile superstore which carries everything you need, including the animals themselves!  Herpetoculture is the word used to describe “The keeping of reptiles”. Horticulture is a growing passion, dominated by both pet owners as well as breeders. Reptile breeders and resellers are our customers, and as an online wholesale reptile superstore, our job is to keep them stocked up at all times. Wholesale means purchasing something in large quantities at a reduced unit price, which allows for higher profits for resellers and breeders keeping them, and us in business.

As mentioned before, Herpetoculture is growing and more and more people are taking on reptiles as pets. In order to care for these animals, you, and your potential customers, will need much of the following equipment. All of which is available for wholesale through strictly!

Having the proper enclosure:

These animals can truly vary in size, from big to small, and their enclosures/habitats will need to be large enough and suitable for the animal living in them.


Cold-blooded animals such as reptiles will need specific heating requirements to live and live comfortably. This requires temperature control devices. One must incorporate a thermostat and heat emitter, which usually can be a heating pad or incandescent light bulb. It’s recommended you keep them on a day/night cycle as well.


As a breeder, keep in mind you’ll need equipment to raise eggs successfully.

No matter what career or hobby path you take, Strictly Reptiles is here to meet all your wholesale reptile needs. We have a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians that you can get at wholesale, so it is a great opportunity to expand by getting an animal you have yet to care for. You, your friends, or your clients (if applicable) can learn a lot from the reptiles and amphibians you have, so keep doing what you do best, and we will be sure to do what we do best, too!

Additionally, Strictly Reptiles Inc offers a comfort feature on your order! You can keep them cool and comfortable during the summer-time heat as the Comfort Feature helps protect your animals during shipping. Based on the total volume weight of your order, we will add Ice packs and/or Phase 22 Cryo Packs which will help maintain safe temperature inside the shipping box, absorbing the heat while the ice packs keep things chilled. They can even be reused!

We take great pride and assist many businesses with their wholesale reptile needs. Our staff is available to assist you with orders 6 days a week and ship those 6 days as well. We will ship Priority overnight door-to-door service for weekday arrival, and Saturday delivery service is an additional $18. With over 30 years of experience, we are the best choice for all your reptile orders! Call us at  954-967-8310.

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