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Pythons for Sale

September 25, 2017
Posted by admin

Largely misunderstood, all snakes are beautiful animals that make for great pets. What sets pythons apart from other types of snake species is that they are wholly non-venomous, making them especially suitable as house pets. A wholesale supplier, here at Strictly Reptiles we have pythons for sale online, as well as an especially enormous selection of reptile and exotic animal species. As a pet and reptile wholesale supplier, we have the utmost professional standards, solely dedicating our work as a passionate team towards caring for and finding forever homes for our pythons and our other loving creatures. Varying from different, traditional routes, Strictly Reptiles delivers a convenient solution to finding every type of snake and exotic reptile creature, including all the most popular types of pythons. All bred internally by our passionate experts in animal care, there is no degree too far to go to ensure the health and safety of each and every python we are responsible for until they find their way into your homes.

Pythons, specifically, are not native to the North or South Americas. Indigenous to tropical areas of Africa, Asia, as well as all of Australia, there are a total of at least 41 various species of known pythons, or by the family name Pythonidae. Our pythons here at Strictly Reptiles are bred to protect both them and the natural environment surrounding their new neighborhoods and homes. Though every species of python is unique, there are certain shared traits each member of the python family shares. One example of which is all pythons are known as constrictors. Additionally, no python produces venom. Each python displays unique color pattern on their skin, most often resembling their natural environment. Below is a list of the 9 most popular types of pythons for sale among the reptile-loving community.

  • Ball Pythons
  • Burmese Pythons
  • Reticulated Pythons
  • African Rock Pythons
  • Green Tree Pythons
  • Royal Pythons
  • Indian Python
  • Blood Python
  • Angolan Python
  • Timor Python

With over 30 years experience in the snake and exotic reptile online industry, our team employed at Strictly Reptiles is widely respected among the high-end online distribution community. As a wholesale online reptile shop, our breeders nurture all pythons for sale to the final day when they find their way into a new family. Pythons, like all snakes, have certain requirements in order to maintain conditions relative to their natural environment. Strictly Reptiles has a team of professionals to answer every question and need you might have to ensure the best life for your new python. Contact our team should any question or concern come up and one of our caring professionals will be glad to promptly take care of you.