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May 7, 2019
Posted by Manny Fernandez

Strictly Reptiles has become the premier online wholesale reptile shop with our wide selection of reptile species available and our high standards of care. Reptiles of all kinds have steadily become more and more popular in the last decade for a variety of reasons.

Some of these include their different personalities, incredible appearances, and their calm demeanor. We provide new and experienced reptile lovers with reptile species that include exotic reptiles to the most common snakes, lizards, and more.

Reptiles As Pets

Many people are surprised to learn that reptiles can be extremely affectionate and clean animals that make great pets and companions. Reptiles require mostly low-cost maintenance and barely make much noise compared to traditional pets.

Furthermore, most reptiles eat much less than most pets of comparable size making them very affordable friends. These characteristics have made reptiles extremely popular with a wide variety of pet owners.

These fascinating animals also make friendly and affectionate companions. There are certain reptile species for example that are social creatures. Reptiles such as these will actually seek out their owner’s attention and become attached to those who show affection and care for them.

Some turtle species will even follow their owner around similar to a dog. These interesting creatures are easy to become attached and some have long lifespans that extend longer than other pets.

Why Strictly Reptiles?

Strictly Reptiles has become a premier and respected online wholesale reptile shop because of our inventory and high standards of quality and care. Our animals include a wide selection of reptiles, amphibians, snakes, and much more.

Whether you are a veteran reptile lover or looking to strengthen your shop’s variety, you can depend on Strictly Reptiles. There are a number of wholesale reptiles that we provide that you will fall in love with. Some of these include green iguanas, gargoyle geckos, blue iguanas, barking tree frogs, Sumatran water monitor, ball pythons, and much more.

Our online reptile store is designed to be easy to navigate and every breed has detailed and clear images displaying the animals’ characteristics. Unlike other wholesale reptile shops, all of our breeders are experienced, professional, and compassionate animal lovers.

Our breeding facility adheres to the highest standards ensuring the health and wellbeing of each one of our animals. You can depend on Strictly Reptiles to always provide healthy animals in good condition.

We also provide wholesale reptiles for pet shops interested in adding exotic and unique reptiles to their location. For over three decades we have been committed to breeding and selling only the highest quality reptiles for new and old reptile lovers.

The Strictly Reptiles team has a comprehensive understanding of exotic reptiles, their care, and transporting them to new pet owners. Every animal is properly and safely packaged to ensure they arrive alive and healthy.

Overnight shipping is provided for six days a week, including Saturdays. If an order is completed before 3:00 PM, we also offer same-day shipping options.

Reptiles are incredible animals that make wonderful, loving companions. Contact us today at 954-967-8310 if you require any further assistance or have questions.

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