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What Are Agamid Lizards and Do They Make Good Pets

April 30, 2020
Posted by Valentina Delcoro

So you’ve decided you want a reptilian pet. Maybe this is the first one you’ll own or maybe you are a seasoned herper. Either way, you’ll need to narrow down which type of reptile will be best for you. If you’ve started your research, you may have come across the term agamid lizards or just agamids. As suggested, this is a family of lizards. Strictly Reptiles is the leading online provider of reptiles, including agamids, and reptile care supplies. Here we will let you in on everything you need to know about agamids and discover if they will make a good companion for you. 


What Are Agamids?

Agamids are a family of lizards containing around 350 species. By family, we mean the scientific classification as per the Linnaean classification of life. Scientifically, the family is known as Agamidae. Other examples of lizard families include Eublepharidae– which contains the popular leopard gecko- and Dactyloidae which are also called anoles. The family is included in the group Iguania and is often called the family of the “dragon lizards”. 

Agamidian lizards inhabit a wide range of ecosystems and lead a variety of lifestyles. For example, the Sailfin Lizard hails from the Philippians and is semi-aquatic with specialized foot scales that allow it to run across the water! Quite contrastingly, the Arcoona rock dragon inhabits the arid and rocky Southern Australia. They most often hail from Australia, Africa, and Asia with nearly no native species in Europe or the Americas. This means they fall under the category of Old-world Lizards. 

They are usually diurnal, meaning they are active during the day and rest at night. Most have long tails and they can range greatly in size.


Do Agamids Make Good Pets 

With hundreds of species, it is impossible to say that all agamid lizards would make good pets. However, some of the most beloved lizards to keep as pets are agamids. They are also a favorite of breeders as they breed easily in captivity, which can not be said for all types of reptiles.   

As mentioned, they are awake during the day which means that you will get to interact with them much more than a nocturnal pet. This is a big draw for those who are looking for a companion more than an observational pet. Most species that are available as pets are also quite friendly, like the much loved Bearded Dragons and Water Dragons. 

They also have relatively straightforward care requirements that even a first-time reptile owner could handle with a bit of research, preparation, and commitment. However, not every enclosure or feeding plan will work for all agamids as they are all so different so choose exactly which agamid you want before purchasing any food or supplies. 


Agamids From Strictly Reptiles

Strictly Reptiles is always committed to providing reptile enthusiasts with the healthiest animals and highest quality care supplies around. Agamids we carry include:

  • Bearded Dragons 
  • Yellow Niger Uromastyx
  • Butterfly Agamas
  • Blue-eyed Crested Dragons
  • Blue Rainbow Lizards
  • and Water Dragons!

Contact us with any questions you have about agamids or any of our other gorgeous reptiles. 

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Agamid Lizards