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What To Know About Reptile Online Stores

April 22, 2020
Posted by Kyle Gorham

Online reptile stores are a popular way for pet owners to find their new scaly friend. Purchasing reptiles online requires that you do the necessary research so that you are satisfied with your purchase. 

First time owners should also learn as much as possible before buying a new reptile pet online. Learning as much as you can will ensure that your new pet is healthy and happy. 

Some of the factors you should consider include the type of tank or aquarium your new pet will need. You will want to know what supplies you should keep on hand. Strictly Reptiles is here to help. 

Continue reading to learn more about buying from an online reptile store. If you are ready to browse a large collection of wholesale reptiles for sale or have any questions, please contact Strictly Reptiles today. 

Tips For First Time Owners

In recent years, owning reptiles as pets has continued to rise in popularity. Reptiles are incredibly fascinating creatures. Most reptile pets are also very easy to take care of when compared to traditional pets. 

Reptiles best suited for beginners can be described as affordable and easy to care for compared to other reptiles. It is important to remember that all reptile pets will require an investment of time and money. 

Below are some of the beginner reptile pets that can be purchased from online reptile stores. 

Leopard Geckos

Many experts consider geckos to be great reptiles for beginners. This is primarily because of their manageable size and relatively low maintenance. This is especially true of leopard geckos. 

Leopard geckos are characteristically small and only require a twenty-gallon tank to remain healthy, comfortable, and happy. Unlike other reptiles, leopard geckos do not require any special lighting. 

These wonderful creatures are very friendly, easy to handle, and are very gentle animals. 


Many people may think that snakes are difficult to care for. In fact, snakes found on online reptile stores can make great pets for beginners. They are easy to care for, active, and absolutely beautiful creatures. 

It is important for potential pet owners to understand the dietary needs of pet snakes. Most snakes will only require feeding once a week or so. Frozen rodents should be considered because they are a safer alternative to live rodents. 

Buying From Online Reptile Stores

Not all online reptile stores will be the same. It is essential that you find a reputable source for pet reptiles that also offers essential supplies. Strictly Reptiles offers a diverse selection of wholesale reptiles. 

We also carry all the supplies reptile pet owners need to keep their scaly friend happy and healthy. Please contact the passionate team of animal lovers at Strictly Reptiles today to learn more. 

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