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What To Know When Buying Beardies For Sale

January 28, 2020
Posted by Manny Fernandez

Are you interested in bearded dragons or looking for beardies for sale but do not know where to start? Before buying a bearded dragon, there are a number of things you will need to consider before bringing your new scaly friend home.

Before choosing where to buy bearded dragons, it is important to have an understanding of what it takes to keep these incredible creatures happy and healthy. 

The following article will highlight what you should consider before buying a new beardy. If you are ready to browse a large selection of baby bearded dragons and other exotic reptiles and lizards, please contact Strictly Reptiles to learn how to register. 

Caring And Housing Bearded Dragons

One of the most important factors to consider before buying a bearded dragon is the environment they need to be comfortable. Bearded dragons require some space to live comfortably.

You will need a suitable area to place a tank that will house your new beardy. Most experts recommend a 125-gallon tank to house bearded dragons. The best way to ensure the tank you purchase will be large enough is to purchase the largest tank possible within your budget.

By purchasing an extra large tank, you can also save money in the future. The tank or terrarium, as it is called, will not need to be replaced as your bearded dragon grows. 

Most beardies for sale will grow to be about sixteen to twenty-four inches in size and live to be about fourteen years old with good attention and care. The amount of time you will need to spend with your beardy is also an important thing you will need to consider.

A bearded dragon is just like any other pets in that they require a time investment on the pet owner’s part. When you become a beardy owner, you will have to be ready to feed, bathe, maintain their habitat, and even take them for a walk. 

Nutritional Needs

The dietary needs of bearded dragons are a major part of purchasing beardies for sale. The right diet for your scaly friend is essential for their health and wellbeing.

When bearded dragons are babies and juveniles, they require a large amount of protein. Their primary source for protein at this age is insects. You must also determine your pet beardy’s appetite.  Determining your bearded dragon’s appetite can usually be done after a few feedings. On average, a juvenile beardy will eat three times a day.

Their favorite meals include crickets and Dubia roaches but they have also been known to eat locusts, silkworms, grasshoppers and other insects. As the juvenile beardy grows into adulthood, their diet changes significantly. They will begin to eat increasingly larger amounts of plant-based foods like leafy greens. 

Where To Buy Beardies For Sale

Before buying beardies for sale it is essential that you understand what it takes to ensure your scaly friend is happy and healthy. You will also want to ensure your source for bearded dragons is reputable and experienced.

Strictly Reptiles offers exotic reptiles, lizards, and amphibians including bearded dragons for sale. Please visit Strictly Reptiles online reptile store today to find your new pet beardy. 

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