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Wholesale Reptiles in 2021 with Strictly

January 21, 2021
Posted by Joe Shopsin

Wholesale Reptiles in 2021 with Strictly

Strictly Reptiles is YOUR source for Wholesale Reptiles in 2021. We are equipped with the inventory and tools necessary to be the best wholesale reptile option available to you both online, or in-person if you live in or are visiting the South Florida area. We love our online customers and our in-person customers equally and invite you to start your journey purchasing Wholesale Reptiles in 2021 with Strictly Reptiles, however, you prefer! we carry only the most well cared for animals, and the highest quality frozen rodents and other food sources!

The selection we have for Wholesale Reptiles in 2021 is vast, and our variety equally so. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out as a new reptile pet owner, or a full-fledged breeder, all the way up to zoo operators, everyone can find something here at strict reptiles! The amount of different animals we carry and care for is staggering, for snakes we have:

  • African house snakes
  • Sand African file snakes
  • Northern pine snakes
  • Egg-eating snakes
  • Albino white-sided bull snakes
  • Short-tail alpine garter snakes
  • Coastal garter snakes
  • Ribbon snakes
  • Rough green snakes
  • Water snakes
  • Super arctic western hognose snakes
  • Black-banded false coral snakes
  • Superconda western hognose snakes
  • and much more…..

Snakes take a little bit of a learning process to properly care for, but not so much that it should scare you off from raising one of these wonderful animals. Like any pet, a snake should be cared for with the same attention to its needs you’d give to a more traditional house pet like a cat or a dog. This means making sure they have a large enough enclosure so they don’t feel cramped. Most average sized snakes have a recommendation to for their habitat to be housed within a 20-gallon terrarium- but keep in mind that as they grow, they may need a bigger terrarium. A ball python, for example, will need a 40-gallon tank. If you have multiple snakes, it’s usually best to keep them separate and each has their own habitat. Make sure the top of the tank has a screened lid for ventilation and that it includes a latch to keep the snakes in. Additionally, the enclosure should have the proper temperature and UV exposure. They’re cold-blooded, so heat lamps can be used during the day to give them heat.

Once you have decided to purchase Wholesale Reptiles in 2021, know that Strictly Reptiles ships orders 5 days a week. We will ship Priority Overnight Door-to-Door Service for Weekday Arrival, and to further ensure your animals are traveling safely you can add a comfort feature to protect them from the heat or cold. We are here to assist you with your online reptile purchase and answer the phones six days a week, so call us at 954-967-8310

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