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Why Pet Snake Owners Should Buy Frozen Rats Online

December 18, 2019
Posted by Manny Fernandez

If you are a pet snake owner then buying frozen rats online is the recommended way to feed your snake. Snake experts agree that the safest way to feed a pet snake is by choosing pre-killed food.

Although many people think live food is better, it can actually cause harm to you and your pet snake. Feeding pet snakes frozen rats and mice is the safest way to keep your slithery friend full. Frozen rats and mice are very affordable, easy to store, and most importantly, safe.

The following article will highlight why you should choose frozen, pre-killed food. If you would like to purchase frozen rats online, view our frozen rodents for sale at Strictly Reptiles today. 

Frozen Rats Are Safe For You And Your Snake

The primary reason why virtually all snake experts recommended frozen, pre-killed food is to ensure safety. Live food may seem more natural but it can cause serious injuries to you and your snake.

Mice and rats have been known to harm and even kill pet snakes during the feeding. This is particularly true if your pet snake is not hungry at the time you place the live food in its enclosure. 

Live food can also cause you serious injuries. Mice and rodents will try to fight for their survival and can easily draw blood and cause infections with a bite. 

Affordable And Convenient

In addition to safety, buying frozen rats online for your snake is much more affordable and convenient. Unlike a live animal, you will not have to worry about storing the food. Pre-killed snake food can be stored in the freezer and prepared in about thirty minutes.

Frozen rats and mice are also much easier to handle than a live, struggling rodent. Frozen rats and mice are much easier to obtain than live snake food. Most pet stores carry pre-killed food.

You can also purchase frozen rats online. Many pet stores will offer discounts for bulk orders. You can store a larger number of frozen food when compared to live snake food, as well. 

Feeding A Pet Snake Frozen Food

The process of feeding your pet snake with frozen food is a relatively easy and very straightforward one. First, the frozen rodent must be thawed.

The best way to thaw frozen rats and mice is by placing the rodent in warm water for about thirty minutes. It is important to thoroughly thaw the rodent because snakes will not eat it frozen. 

The next steps are even easier. After the frozen rat or mouse is thawed, you will dry it off and place it in the cage. Sometimes your pet snake may seem uninterested by the rodent.

If this happens, grab a pair of tongs and move the rodent around a bit. This will make it appear alive and will tap into your pet snake’s predatory behavior. 

Buy Frozen Rats Online

The best source for frozen rats online for your pet snake is Strictly Reptiles. We are a highly regarded breeder and supplier of wholesale reptiles, amphibians, accessories, and frozen food.

Our online reptile store offers great discounts for bulk orders. Additionally, we pride ourselves on the quality and safety of all of our frozen mice and rats for sale. 

If you would like to talk to a snake expert about feeding and caring for your pet snake, then please contact Strictly Reptiles to speak with a member of our passionate team. 

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