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Why Snake Owners Should Use Frozen Feeder Rats

November 21, 2019
Posted by Manny Fernandez

Frozen feeder rats have long been considered the better option when it comes to feeding a pet snake. The numerous advantages that frozen rodents provide as opposed to living ones make them the better choice. Not only are frozen rodents for sale easier to buy in bulk but they are also safer and easier to store. 

Continue reading below to learn why snake experts and enthusiasts recommend using frozen mice to feed pet snakes. If you would like to learn more about caring for snakes or would like to purchase frozen rats online, please contact Strictly Reptiles today. 

Live Feeder Rats Can Be Dangerous

If you have ever tried to feed your snake a live rodent you know how risky it can be. The rats and mice will always struggle and fight back.

Although small, they can use their claws and teeth to defend themselves and attack. This could cause your pet snake to become injured. Frozen feeder rats are pre-killed making them much easier to use. 

Your pet snake is not the only one that could get hurt by a live rodent. Larger rodents like rats are much more aggressive than mice.

In fact, there have been cases where a rat attempted to dine on an uninterested snake. There is also a high chance that the rat could end up injuring you in the process 

Easier To Buy In Bulk

One distinct advantage of frozen feeder rats is that they can be purchased in bulk. Purchasing live feeder rats from a general pet store can quickly become expensive.

Generally, these stores will only offer a small supply that may only last a couple of weeks at most. Buying frozen rats in bulk is much easier and affordable. 

Buy Frozen Feeder Rats Online

As you can see, there are numerous advantages to using frozen mice and rats to feed your pet snake. In addition to the discounts you can get from buying in bulk, frozen mice and rats are much easier to handle. Frozen rats can be conveniently purchased online and delivered to your door. 

Strictly Reptiles offers wholesale frozen feeder mice and rats for snakes online. Visit our online reptile store today or contact us directly to learn more. 

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