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Ball Python Breeder

August 3, 2017
Posted by admin

At Strictly Reptiles we are committed to the provision of well-bred, happy, and healthy animals. We are wholesale suppliers for a multitude of unique and amazing species of reptiles and other animals. If you are a pet store owner looking for a quality ball python breeder, chances are that you’ve been looking into carrying these amazing animals. Ball pythons are highly manageable creatures and relatively docile in the snake world. When taking these characteristics into consideration it’s no wonder they are high demand pets and continuously growing in popularity.

Strictly Reptiles has a team of dedicated breeders that understand what it takes to maintain the health of the animals we care for and help invigorate their lives for fewer unwanted conditions and longevity. Strictly Reptiles can provide you with professional ball python breeder services if you have been looking to offer these snakes to your customers.

Ball pythons are also commonly referred to as the royal python. The name royal python can be traced back to the days of Cleopatra who’s rumored to have adorned her wrists with them as bracelets. Pythons are constrictors. Constrictors are a class of snake that will wrap their bodies around their prey. Pythons will squeeze in order capture and feed. In the wild, the ball python has a typical lifespan of about 30 years, but they have been known to live up to 50 years when cared for properly in captivity. The ball python is natively located in Central and West Africa regions. Their natural habitat reach spans over an impressive range of countries throughout the continent. Some of the countries that ball pythons naturally reside in include:

  • Togo
  • Liberia
  • Uganda
  • Sierra Leone
  • Mali
  • South Sudan
  • Nigeria
  • Gambia
  • Ghana
  • Guinea-Bissau

An adult ball python will require a cage about the size of a thirty-gallon aquarium, or a minimum of three feet in length. They thrive in warmer climates which means that you should integrate a heating lamp alongside your python’s cage light. This will not only make your ball python feel comfortable but will also ensure that they remain healthy.

Our team at Strictly Reptile is committed to the well-being of our animals and the success of the stores and clients that we work with. Our expert ball python breeding services are the premium choice when you are looking for wholesale royal python suppliers. Our breeders have extensive experience and dedicatedly stay up to date with new information about the animals they care for. At Strictly Reptiles we love the animals we work with and do our best to ensure that they are properly cared for even after they leave our facility.

If you have been looking for high-quality services for the provision of ball pythons for your store we can help. When you select Strictly Reptiles as your wholesale pet supplier you are receiving animals who were raised by an on-staff expert ball python breeder. Contact us today with any questions regarding our services.

Ball Python Breeder