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What Lizard Lover Doesn’t Love the Beautiful Beardie?

June 22, 2018
Posted by admin

Want to buy a Bearded Dragon? Why wouldn’t you? Although they may seem prehistoric and almost alien; Bearded Dragons are interesting and unique animals that make great pets. Here are some fun facts about Bearded Dragons that you may not know and why bringing these scaly friends home may just be for you.

Bearded Dragons Include Eight Different Lizard Species

Scientifically known as Pagona, Bearded Lizards originate from Australia and live in many regions there. Members of this reptilian group include the Kimberley, Central or Inland, Western or Dwarf, Rankin’s, the Nullarbor, Northwest, the Western and the Eastern bearded dragon. Locally and to reptile enthusiasts however they are affectionately called Beardies.

They Are Easy Going Animals

What are the benefits behind the choice to buy a Bearded Dragon? Bearded Dragons may at first seem intimidating, but, in fact, they are some of the most relaxed, laid back and easily trained members of the reptile kingdom. Beardies are easy for their owners to leash train. Some owners go so far as to dress their dragons in adorable outfits. They are solitary animals. Normally housed alone, Bearded Dragons are generally sedentary animals. Preferring the warm comfort of light on top of their favorite rock.

Bearded Dragons Can Make Their Feelings Known

One adorable fact about these special reptiles is their way of communicating. This is a common sentiment among owners who chose to buy a Bearded Dragon. Bearded Dragons will wave their arms at each other to communicate recognition or to display submission. Nothing tops a baby Beardie waving his tiny arms at you.  When they want to demonstrate excitement; they’ll puff out their beards and open their mouths; giving them the appearance that they are smiling. Bearded Dragons will also bob their heads at one another to show romantic interest.

Beardies Eat All Sorts of Things

Bearded Dragons consume a wide variety of foods from leaves and flowers to rodents and even smaller lizards. As they grow from babies to adults these reptiles begin eating more greens and plant material. By the time the Bearded Dragon reaches adulthood, they prefer their leafy greens. It is important to always be mindful of new foods you may want to feed your Beardie as some foods may be toxic.

They Can Live As Long As Dogs

Another reason so many lizard lovers choose to buy a Bearded Dragon is Beardies are known to live for at least a decade with some living to the ripe old age of fourteen. Bearded Dragons are generally resilient and hardy creatures, however, owners should be aware of some common health issues. These may include: Hypocalcemia, caused by low levels of calcium in the Bearded Dragon’s blood, Metabolic Bone Disease, caused by malnutrition and poor lighting and Paralysis, caused when a Beardie tries to ingest food that is too big for them. These illnesses can easily be prevented with thoughtful care.

Bearded Dragons may seem like tiny dinosaurs but they make fun and interesting pets for a wide variety of people. Since the 1990’s these reptiles have called North America home and made countless memories with their lucky owners. From their delightful waves and smiles to their easy-going nature; Bearded Dragons are an excellent animal to consider as your new pet and friend.

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