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Online Reptile Pet Store

June 15, 2018
Posted by admin

Love snakes? Looking for beautiful gecko morphs? Want a lizard or another exotic reptile pet? Consider an online reptile pet store first! These stores have larger collections and access to more unique creatures that any local shop. The only problem you’ll really have is which online reptile pet store to buy from. For that problem, follow these tips and rest assured that you’ll have a healthy, live pet on the way!

How to Choose The Best Online Reptile Pet Store

Find an online store that breeds their animals.

Online reptile breeders are much like any animal breeder in one very significant way – they love animals. The most important attribute you really want to feel comfortable about when buying an animal offline is their passion for the creatures they care for. That’s obvious.

The other benefit of online reptile breeders is the condition their animals come in. These stores are held to higher regulations, which means their creatures are typically more healthy when they arrive.

Check all their reviews across all their accounts.

This might seem obvious, but reviews are there for a reason. An online reptile pet store lives or dies from their online presence. This means you should be able to find multiple social media accounts posted on their page. Check each account and read some of the reviews on them.

It’s best to go back a little bit and find out exactly what any negative reviews were actually about. Use common sense and discern what the typical buyer’s experience is. Direct message them about a specific animal, too. That way you can get a feel for their customer service.

Never pick the cheapest first.

In the live reptiles for sale online world, cheapest isn’t best. If you don’t have the budget to pay what a unique animal is worth, you probably won’t be able to adequately care for that animal and should wait before buying it anyways.

Online pet stores that charge more typically do so because having the best price isn’t their priority – and for good reason. Their number one priority should be the well-being and health of the animals in their care!

Check their return policies and how they ship their animals.

You aren’t the first person to be skeptical of buying a live animal online. However, the stores are professionals and should have plenty of experience in shipping live creatures. Ask how they ship and find out what happens if you receive an animal that is dead on arrival. If they can’t make you feel confident that it won’t happen, look elsewhere!

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Online Reptile Pet Store