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Buy Frozen Rodents Online

March 12, 2021
Posted by Jericho Cooey

Feeding your snake frozen rodents is a much better option for your scaley pet than using live mice or rats. There are several significant advantages to buy frozen rodents online as opposed to living ones.

Many snake owners decide to buy frozen mice for sale because they are easier to buy in bulk, safer, and easy to store multiple months of meals. The article below will highlight some of the known advantages associated with feeding snakes frozen rats over live ones.

Advantages of Feeding Snakes Frozen Mice and Rats

Using live rodents can be a dangerous choice that puts your pet snake in immense danger. Like any animal, mice and rats would prefer not to be made into dinner, especially for their natural prey.

A live mouse or rat will almost always fight back when presented with that scenario. Rodents can claw, bite, and scratch. This can leave your pet vulnerable and result in an unnecessary injury for your pet.

If your snake doesn’t get the chance to quickly subdue and kill the feeder mouse or rat right away, an injury is a distinct possibility. Frozen rodents eliminate this danger completely, ensuring complete safety.

A worse possibility is if you have a larger snake like a red tail boa that feeds on sizably large rats. Big rats are more aggressive than a common mouse. It’s well known that rats left alone with a disinterested snake will actually try to attack and feed off it instead.

There are many instances where the rat is able to injure a snake all the way to its backbone. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to take out the prey from the tank and try again later when a snake is more interested in eating.

Buying wholesale frozen mice and rats in bulk is another great benefit to using frozen rodents. When you shop at a small local reptile store, the supply offered is generally a smaller quantity and might only last for a week or two before you are required to return.

Also, the small frozen mice and rat package prices are typically more costly than when you purchase for wholesale prices. Wholesale pricing is usually a much better value when bought in large quantities, like fifty to one hundred at a time.

Where to Buy Frozen Rodents Online

Fortunately, Strictly Reptiles is a trustworthy online reptile store that offers a huge quantity of frozen rodents for sale through our Frodents collection. We only humanely euthanize all of our mice and rats before flash freezing them for optimum freshness upon delivery.

Check out our various available packs of frozen mice and rats for sale by navigating to the Frodents area of our website. If you’d like to learn more, please contact Strictly Reptiles for further assistance.

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