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Snake Food Online at Strictly

January 12, 2021
Posted by Joe Shopsin

Snake Food Online At Strictly

It doesn’t have to be difficult or even super expensive to acquire snake food online, through our wholesale site, or even in person. Not only do we stock and sell the best quality frozen mice for snake food online, but we also carry food for all sorts of animals from reptiles to amphibians, insects, and arachnids- we have your small friends covered! Whether you are a professional breeder, zoo owner or operator, or just a lover of exotic pets, Strictly Reptiles has what you need! Don’t forget to look into signing up as a wholesale buyer to save even more time and money on snake food online!

Our Frodents- or frozen rodents- come in many different sizes to accommodate snakes and reptiles of equally varying girth! Sometimes it can be difficult to get your legless companions to eat their food when it isn’t still alive, so we wanted to share a few tips and tricks on making that happen!

Firstly, you should always use forceps to deliver the frozen mice to your snake’s enclosure or habitat, When it’s time to eat, they may not be reached for anything that smells like food inside the enclosure, so it’s better this is a utensil rather than your hand! In order to make the frozen food more appealing to our reptile pal, you can try dipping it in sodium-free chicken brother to give it an enhanced and more appealing odor.

There are other factors as well that can potentially determine which snake food online will be best for your snake’s needs. This can be the color of the mouse itself even, for example, if your snake is having a hard time finding the motivation to eat white mice, try brown or grey instead- you might be surprised at the results! some snakes prefer eating in a place separate from what they consider their ‘home’ for these animals it may be best to have a separate ‘feeding’ enclosure they get moved to when its time to eat.

You can move the snake to a separate enclosure that is just for feeding, as well. Giving your snake a quiet and private space to feed might make them more comfortable. In fact, you should cover the tank with a towel and feed them at night. Keep your snake warm as the cold will make it so that their metabolism slows down.

Strictly reptiles is the best source for Snake food online, retail – or wholesale. Don’t hesitate to sign up, or even come in person to meet our staff and fellow reptile friends!

For any questions on how to get great reptiles and deals on wholesale reptile food and supplies, call us at 954-967-8310.

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