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Exotic Pet Supplies at Strictly Reptiles!

March 25, 2021
Posted by Joe Shopsin

Exotic Pet Supplies at Strictly Reptiles!

There’s no better way to get exotic pet supplies in-store or online than with Strictly Reptiles! As an exotic animal lover, owner, breeder, or even one who is new and learning it’s important to understand the various needs of different types of animals and species. As Animal caretakers, it’s our job to ensure these creatures are provided with the proper amounts of food, shelter, and temperature regulation to properly allow them to grow and thrive while also being content.  Strictly Reptiles provides the highest quality exotic pet supplies, and even animals wholesale! Our amazing wholesale program is available for online purchase, so you can always ensure that you have the stock needed to maintain your inventory and the health and safety of your animals.

You’ll need the proper heating lamps in order to actively regulate the temperature of these animals. We carry tanks and enclosures of various sizes and features. Larger animals are going to need larger enclosures. We also carry the habitat items most beneficial to be placed within these containers for various types of animals. Some animals change in size and some live longer and grow more than others. If you decide to start caring for turtles and tortoises, specifically, you will need reptile food and supplies catered to them. Their average size tends to be 5 to 11 inches long depending on the species, and their diet is actually omnivorous. Their average life span could be 20 to 40+ years, so ensuring you can properly care for them is crucial as they are a long commitment.

Exotic pet supplies also include the types of food you’ll need to feed your animals. Turtles usually eat a diet of pellets and freeze-dried krill. Turtles also eat dark, as well as heavy green veggies and you can even serve them finely chopped vegetables. s. You also need to make sure that fresh, clean, chlorine-free water should be available at all times and they must feed daily while still in the water. You might even want to consider a separate tank just for feeding to avoid a mess.

Examples of some of the amazing and important Exotic pet supplies We Carry:

  • cryo packs
  • hemostat
  • hook pockets
  • shells
  • sexing probes
  • Reptichip
  • animal grabbers
  • snake hooks
  • tongs
  • tweezers

Strictly reptiles encourage you to sign up for our wholesale programs! Why worry about ensuring you have the proper diet or stock of animals at the best prices? You shouldn’t have to worry, that’s why wholesale is such a great idea. Check out our signup form, getting started is super easy!

For any questions on how to get great reptiles and deals on wholesale reptile food and supplies, call us at 954-967-8310.

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