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Reptile Shop- 3 Accessories To Buy

March 12, 2020
Posted by Valentina Delcoro

While every kid dreams of owning their very own reptilian pet or even their own reptile shop, many parents are quick to remind them of all the hard work it entails. This is true but should not be a deterrent for the responsible pet owner! Owning a reptile is an exciting adventure and commitment. Properly setting up your companions enclosure and stocking yourself with a few non-animal essentials will make the journey much smoother for both you and your pet. Here are 3 accessories you can purchase from the Strictly Reptiles online shop that will make a world of difference for the novice or experienced herpetologist.



If you are thinking that this tool looks like something straight out of an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, you are not wrong. A Hemostat is a medical tool originally developed to help control the blood flow of small vessels during surgery. However, it has been adopted by herpers over the years as a great aid during feeding time. Many reptile owners do not want to touch the food they provide their animals for sanitary reasons but hate the hassle and waste of gloves. And if you have a snake or lizard displaying signs of food aggression, it is especially important to keep your fingers out of the fray.  A hemostat can also be helpful when dealing with reptiles who refuse to eat. This is quite common, but must be addressed before the health of your pet is affected. While scenting your feed is a great idea, simply using the hemostat to gently shake and wiggle your “prey” back and forth can be enough to entice some picky eaters. This can be particularly helpful if you find yourself rehabilitating wild animals who often show a distaste for pre-killed rodents. 


Pocket Hook

A snake hook is generally seen on TV being wielded by snake catchers and wildlife educators. Everyday snake owners may also find the need for one, though and the ginormous hooks used to catch a 10-foot behemoth are not exactly practical for most hobbyists. That is why our online reptile shop supplies normal and heavy-duty pocket hooks. These sturdily made hooks are telescopic and collapse down to fit in the palm of your hand. Snake hooks have many applications l, but the most useful for most amateur snake owners is to help curb cage aggression. A snakes cage is its home, and seeing large hands grabbing for them in a small space can spook some animals. By using the snake hook to remove your snake from its enclosure, you are creating a less stressful experience for your pet and reducing the chance of strikes. 



Let’s be clear: we do not mean the tweezers in your bathroom! Having a dedicated set of animal tweezers can prove extremely helpful. They can be used much like a hemostat when hand feeding smaller lizards, birds, insects, and even fish. They are also great for spot cleaning. By quickly removing debris such as dead insects, vegetation, and shed you can keep up the cleanliness of your enclosure between big cage refreshes. This helps keep your animal happy and reduces odor. The 8 inch and 12-inch tweezers found on the Strictly Reptiles reptile shop are much larger and more solidly built than those found in a regular pharmacy. 


A great enclosure and a healthy animal are a great place to start when you begin keeping reptiles. But you can boost your overall experience and the comfort of your animal by investing in a few extra tools. The experts at Strictly Reptiles have hand-selected their personal favorites to add to our online reptile shop. You can feel confident that every purchase with Strictly Reptiles is high quality and will enhance your reptile’s life for years to come!

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