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Lizards for Sale

September 22, 2017
Posted by admin

Strictly Reptiles has been serving the pet industry with properly bred and cared for a huge selection of reptiles and other exotic animals for over 30 years. We provide wholesale services supplying animals to zoos, pet shops, and even hobbyists. If you have been looking for the number one source of lizards for sale in the industry then you’ve come to the right place. We have a talented team of lizard breeders who understand the complexities of caring for and nurturing these animals along with a number of other species. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with excellent services while remaining compassionate and giving our animals the proper care that they require.some of the species of lizards that you can find at Strictly reptiles include:

  • Agamids
  • Chameleons
  • Geckos
  • Iguanids
  • Skinks

Strictly Reptiles carries a large number of species of lizards for sale for you to select from. In general, there are over 6,000 recorded species of lizard spread around the world today. With such as a vast number of species to examine there’s no question that will be some variance between the characteristics that lizards display. Generally though, lizards have smaller heads with long bodies and tails. Lizards inhabit a huge number of habitats and have proven that through variation in species that they can thrive in a multitude of different terrains. Some of the locations that you can find lizards naturally inhabiting include:

  • In trees
  • In vegetation near the ground
  • Deserts
  • Among rocks as shelters
  • Forests


Geckos make up about 1,500 of the total species of lizards. They are among the most demanded types of reptile to be owned because of their amazing aesthetic qualities, simple diets, and easy going nature. Most geckos are naturally nocturnal. Their diet consists of fruit, some insects, and flower nectar. Geckos can be found on every continent in the world excluding Antarctica.

Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons can be found in most pet stores that carry reptiles and lizards for sale. Today they have become the industry’s most popular choice for a pet lizard. Bearded Dragons, unlike geckos, are diurnal animals. This means that just like us they are active during the day and sleep during the night. Unlike many species of lizards if a bearded dragon manages to lose its tail it will not grow back. Once a bearded dragon has reached full maturity they can breed throughout any portion of the year while they are in a domesticated setting. Comparable to a dog’s pant bearded dragons will at times lounge with mouths opened wide in order to help cool down their body temperature.

Our team at Strictly Reptiles can assist in meeting all of your needs if you have been looking for a reliable and compassionate source of lizards for sale. Our team can provide with excellent wholesale services and help you make an educated choice of what species to select from. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our lizards for sale or any other queries about our company.

Lizards for Sale