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Online Wholesale Reptiles with Strictly!

August 22, 2021
Posted by Joe Shopsin

Online Wholesale Reptiles with Strictly!

Strictly Reptiles is your # 1 source for Online wholesale reptiles and supplies, geared towards breeders and resellers. Becoming a wholesaler is easy too!  That means it to be super fast for you or your team to begin your path to reptile breeding and reselling by registering on our website as a wholesaler. Below you’ll see listed are just some of the Online Wholesale Reptiles we offer.

  • Ball pythons
  • boas
  • chameleons
  • corn snakes
  • crocodilians
  • geckos
  • iguanids
  • king snakes
  • milk snakes
  • monitor lizards
  • pythons
  • rat snakes
  • skinks
  • tortoises
  • turtles

When your potential customers are picking what reptile or amphibian they want to keep as a pet, you’ll need to also be able to supply them with the proper tools and food for the types of animals they wish to purchase from you! All of these unique animals have specific needs, such as diet and heating requirements that you need to be aware of. For example, you should keep tanks, terrariums, vivariums, etc. away from windows and direct sunlight. The sun can cause the tank to heat up more than necessary, especially if you already have a light or heating fixture.

You should make a habit of checking temperature and humidity regularly and only use well-made escape-proof cages for your animal. Reptiles are especially good at escaping, so using locking screen clips can be used as an added safety measure.

Often considered the easiest reptiles to keep as pets are bearded dragons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, and blue-tongue skinks, so people encourage others to start with these. But if you are a breeder, own a zoo or museum, you can still benefit from the wide variety of reptiles and even amphibians such as frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders that we also carry. You can learn about a new creature and share that wonder and excitement with others depending on what your needs are.

Handling reptiles, as well as amphibians, is not the same as handling a mammal, so we encourage to do research in regard to what that means and if the members of your household can uphold these standards. Depending on the animal, they may not be appropriate for young children, so keep that in mind when picking something out.

We also offer wholesale frozen rodents to make your new venture of caring for reptiles that much easier. Every reptile needs different amounts, which is why we have small to extra large-sized rodents and in packs as small as a ten pack or as big as a 100 pack. Strictly Reptiles has the experience and expertise to deliver animals that are beautiful and well taken care of, ensuring that your new reptiles have come from a healthy home. We even offer comfort features to your deliveries because we care about how cold-blooded animals react to the intense weather.

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