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August 21, 2017
Posted by admin
If you don’t own a reptile yourself, you probably know someone who does. Many people are becoming interested in owning reptiles, and the sale of reptiles as pets is on the rise. Strictly Reptiles is a wholesale reptile store that caters to both individuals and businesses for all of your reptile needs, with an extensive collection of species available for purchase on our online store. We offer an online reptile shop for your convenience with a wide variety of animal species to choose from, which will be shipped directly to you. Reptiles are relatively low maintenance companions who do not take up much space, usually being kept in tanks when not being handled by their owners. Reptiles are quickly becoming very popular pets, and from tiny turtles to enormous snakes, it seems as if more and more people are choosing to bring a scaly friend into their home.
Reptiles make excellent first pets for children and can teach compassion and responsibility to young children while providing a relatively easy to maintain pet that does not need constant care and attention, providing an opportunity for your children to have full responsibility for their animal. Reptiles are quiet, relatively clean pets that don’t pose any kind of threat to your child, and there are many different breeds to choose from, with a multitude of personalities and dispositions, which allows you to find a unique pet that will fit in well with your lifestyle and your child’s personality. And unlike other low maintenance pets such as goldfish, reptiles are fun, interesting companions that can be held and played with. Some of the best reptile species for children include:
  • Bearded dragon
  • Leopard gecko
  • Ball python
  • Corn snake
  • Crested gecko
Strictly Reptile’s online reptile shop is a great place to find rare, unique pets. You can browse through our many animals that are bred and raised by our caring and dedicated staff to find the perfect animal for you. Whether you are a first-time reptile buyer or a dedicated breeder, one of our animals is sure to catch your eye. We have everything from albino turtles to piebald snakes, all clearly pictured in our online reptile shop. Some of the unique reptiles that are available at our online store include:
  • Albino alligator hatchlings
  • Gargoyle geckos
  • Blue tongue skink
  • Sumatran water monitor
Strictly Reptiles is dedicated to providing healthy, beautiful exotic animals to our customers, and we have been practicing our passion for over three decades. There is no reason to shop anywhere else for your reptile needs, as we have an extensive collection of reptile species, and the convenience of having your professionally bred new pet delivered directly to your door is hard to beat. If you are interested in purchasing an animal from Strictly Reptiles or have any questions that you would like us to answer, please feel free to contact us today.