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Reptiles for Sale 2018

January 17, 2018
Posted by admin

Reptiles make great pets. More people are discovering and embracing these amazing creatures than ever. This is because they are often both entertaining and fairly easy to care for. However, it is important to purchase these animals from a reputable breeder or caretaker. Strictly Reptiles is the go-to choice for anyone looking for the best and healthiest reptiles for sale 2018 has to offer. For more information about us visit our website at the link provided here: Strictly Reptiles.

Reptiles for Sale 2018 | New Arrivals

We carry an ever-changing diverse collection of snakes, lizards, and exotic reptiles. You can find everything from two-headed turtles to common ball pythons in our always changing catalog of animals. Listed below are some of our newest arrivals and an updated list of the low prices we are now offering in 2018:

  • Green & Black Poison Arrow Frogs – $15/ each
  • Smooth Sided Toad (juveniles – adults) – $25/ each
  • Suriname Glass Toads – $25/ each or 6 for $20/ each
  • Spiny Softshell Turtles (babies) – $8/ each or 12 for $6/ each
  • Green x Black Tree Monitor (juvenile) – $1250
  • Red Premium Bearded Dragons (7-8 inches) – $95/ each
  • Red Bearded Dragon (babies) – $50 each or 6 for $45/ each
  • Leatherback Bearded Dragons (babies) $50/ each or 6 for $45/ each
  • Tiger Rate Snakes (adults) – $200/ each
  • Halloween Phase Amazon Tree Boas (babies) $55/ each

Reptiles for Sale 2018 | Why Strictly Reptiles?

There are six things that separate us from other online wholesale reptile distributors. By standing firm on each of these promises, we have been able to grow successfully and share our beautiful animals with people around the world. Here are the six promises that continue to make us a step above our competitors:

  1. Communication. We are here to support our customers and will always answer our phones 6 days a week.
  2. Experience. We have been distributing reptiles and exotic animals for over 30 years.
  3. Quality. We guarantee both our services and the health of our animals.
  4. Shipping. We package and ship each of the animals we distribute from our very own facility.
  5. Passion. We love reptiles. All of us. Every one of our team members cares for our animals like our own. Many of us even got our own pet from Strictly Reptiles.
  6. 100% Satisfaction. We want nothing short of complete satisfaction from the clients we serve.

Reptiles for Sale 2018 | About Us

Strictly Reptiles is an online distributor of wholesale reptiles. We serve both private owners, zoos, and other animal distributors, such as pet stores. Our licensed facility is located in South Florida and follows strict USDA regulations and compliance laws. CONTACT US if you have any questions or comments. Check out of website regularly as we are always adding new reptiles to our collection!

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Reptiles for Sale 2018