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Exotic Reptiles For Sale

October 27, 2017
Posted by admin

Pets have always been a big part of our households. Bringing reptiles into family homes has become a popular decision due to their low cost and minimal maintenance lifestyles. If you are searching exotic reptiles for sale then explore our catalog of different lizards, snakes, amphibians, and more at Strictly Reptiles. We breed and distribute a large variety of exotic reptiles for sale at wholesale prices for private collectors and pet stores alike. Our online store is full of exotic reptiles for sale and a lot of necessary accessories to accommodate their new life outside of our facilities. Strictly Reptiles has a team of passionate animal lovers who put the wellbeing of these creatures first and happily pass along our collective knowledge to anyone that desires to bring a new pet into their home.

At Strictly Reptiles we proudly provide exotic reptiles for sale and carry an ever-changing selection that ranges from lizards and geckos to snakes and scorpions. We are breeders of these amazing pets and make these six pledges to anyone interested in our exotic reptiles for sale.

  1. We answer our phones during our business hours and guarantee to be reachable six days a week if our client needs our services or advice.
  2. We have over three decades of experience in this industry and put all the things we have learned to provide the best customer service around.
  3. We put animal quality and customer service above our financial bottom line. Their health and providing care tips to ensure you and your pet are well come first. Strictly Reptiles believes in quality over quantity when it comes to providing exotic reptiles for sale.
  4. We promise to safely pack and ship our animals from our own pristine facility.
  5. Our staff are passionate animal breeders and lovers themselves and want nothing more than to share these amazing animals with loving owners.
  6. We want to be the best we can be and guarantee to hear out any issue our clients might have.

By employing these six reasons, Strictly Reptiles believes we will continue to remain the leading provider of exotic reptiles and prove why we are the best choice for anyone looking for the creatures we carry. Listed below is a just a small selection of the types of exotic reptiles we breed and provide for our clients:


  • Agamids
  • Chameleons
  • Geckos
  • Iguanids
  • Monitors (and similar lizard types)
  • Skinks


  • Ball Pythons
  • Boas
  • Corn Snakes
  • King Snakes
  • Milk Snakes
  • Pythons

Other Animals

  • Amphibians
  • Crocodilian
  • Frogs
  • Scorpions
  • Tarantulas
  • Toads
  • Tortoises
  • Turtles

Strictly Reptiles is an online exotic reptile store that has become a leading provider of a variety of species for private owners and local reptile pet shops. To view a more detailed look at our ever-changing collection of exotic reptiles and other interesting animals then follow the link on to our website at Strictly Reptiles and scroll through all of our categories. If you have any additional questions Contact Us at the provided link and we will respond to you as soon as we can via phone or e-mail. Follow us on Facebook: StrictlyReptiles1

Exotic Reptiles For Sale