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Tarantula Breeders

April 10, 2017
Posted by admin

Tarantulas are extremely misunderstood animals, but they have grown a lot in popularity. Therefore Tarantula Breeders have also grown in popularity. Tarantula breeders is not something easy to do. Unlike Ball Python Breeders, Tarantula breeding can be slightly more difficult. As the demand for these animals grows every day, how do you know if you should include these animals in your pet shop and what should you know about them before you make that decision.



There are over 800 species around the world, so there is no way to talk about them in general, but there are certain species that are considered extremely docile. These animals are extremely easy to keep. Most of them only need a 10-gallon tank, a burrow, a water dish with a sponge (don’t use a bowl, they can actually drown). Since families are moving into smaller and smaller spaces, it becomes difficult to have pets since they take up so much space. With tarantulas, it becomes extremely inexpensive and simple.


Most of these animals are normally under $30 (prices can fluctuate) and they normally only eat about once a week. Just give them a cricket and they’re good to go! Because of the simplicity and the “cool factor” People have been choosing these animals as pets for their kids.

Tarantula Breeders USA

Strictly Reptiles has a large selection of Tarantulas that you can choose from. Our Tarantulas get only the best care, and even in shipping we take every precaution to make sure the animals will arrive safely.


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Tarantula Breeders

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