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Cheap Frozen Mice

March 13, 2018
Posted by admin

Just because you like being a snake owner doesn’t mean you like the extra expense of keeping live feeder mice in your home. No exotic pet owner likes the extra expense and hassle of keeping animals alive just to feed them to their actual pet. That is why we offer people looking to buy cheap frozen mice online great deals every day.

But what makes the cheap frozen mice we provide different from similar cheap frozen mice online deals is our commitment to caring for them until they are prepared for shipment. This is just one more way we continue to exceed the effort and standards of our competitors at Strictly Reptiles.

Read more about our cheap frozen mice deals available in our Frodents department below. And be sure to check out all of the deals we have on frozen mice for sale, frozen rats for sale, and frozen rodents for sale at Strictly Reptiles. By making the animals we care for our number one priority, we continue to pave the way for online exotic reptile stores everywhere.

Cheap Frozen Mice | Order Sizes

  • Frozen Mice (pinky) – 50 pack – $52.50 ($1.05 each)
  • Frozen Mice (pinky) – 100 pack – $72.80 ($0.73 each)
  • Frozen Mice (small) – 25 pack – $39.37 ($1.57 each)
  • Frozen Mice (small) – 50 pack – $63.00 ($1.26 each)
  • Frozen Mice (small) – 100 pack – $78.40 ($0.78 each)
  • Frozen Mice (medium) – 25 pack – $46.50 ($1.86 each)
  • Frozen Mice (large) – 25 Pack – $46.50 ($1.86 each)
  • Frozen Mice (large) – 50 pack – $86.80 ($1.73 each)

See all of our available cheap frozen rodents for sale online here: Frodents

Cheap Frozen Mice | About Us

Strictly Reptiles makes a commitment to each and every animal that we have in our facility. Our USDA-registered facility adheres to all of the strict regulations that deal with animal care. This means fresh air, clean water, nutritious diet, clean and fresh bedding, etc. are handled with the utmost care from any one of our passionate team members.

Our facility and warehouses are located in Hollywood, FL. We have been operating as an online distributor of exotic reptiles, snakes, lizards, and other unique pets for over 30 years. Our ability to export live animals at high-quality standards continues to be what sets us apart from similar online reptile stores.

Our entire collection of special creatures is available to private owners, pet stores, zoos, and anyone else hoping to find these beautiful animals at wholesale prices. For more information about who we are and what we do either call us at 954-967-8310 or Contact Strictly Reptiles via email.

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Cheap Frozen Mice