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December 10, 2019
Posted by Manny Fernandez

When it comes to reptiles, an exotic reptile store is your best source for finding your next scaly friend. Reptiles make great pets because they are inexpensive to care for and require only minimal maintenance. There are a wide range of species available to choose from with unforgettable appearances and fascinating behaviors. 

These are just some reasons reptiles continue to be a popular pets. Whenever choosing a reptile store, it is important to choose one with experience that is dedicated to the wellbeing of their animals. Whether you are a veteran reptile pet owner or considering your first, Strictly Reptiles can help. 

At Strictly Reptiles we are passionate about what we do and have a large catalog of different reptiles and amphibians. At our USDA approved facility, we breed and distribute a number of exotic reptiles at wholesale prices. We are proud to serve both pet stores and private pet owners. 

Continue reading to learn what sets us apart from your typical exotic reptile store and what we have to offer. If you would like to browse our catalogue or speak with an experienced expert, please contact Strictly Reptiles today. 

Passionate Team Of Reptile Lovers

The Strictly Reptile team is made up of extremely passionate and dedicated animal lovers. Our team puts animal quality and customer service above a bottom line. We are always interested in the health of our reptiles and can offer important tips to ensure a great quality of life for your new friend. 

When it comes to experience, Strictly Reptile is difficult to beat. We have been proudly doing business in the industry for over thirty years. The experienced gained during those decades is extended to our customers to ensure the best service available. 

Always Reachable

Strictly Reptiles has continued to build long-standing relationships in the industry and with our customers. Unlike most exotic reptile store we can be easily contacted six days a week. During business hours, clients can reach us with any questions they may have. Our experienced team can offer advice, information, and more over the phone. 

We only want the very best for our clients and animals. In order to be the best we can be, Strictly Reptiles guarantees to listen to any issues or questions our clients have. 

Safely Ship Animals

Strictly Reptiles breeds all of our animals from a pristine and state-of-the-art facility. Our facility adheres to strict regulations and guidelines ensuring the wellbeing of our animals. Not only is our team experienced in breeding and caring for reptiles but we also can safely pack and ship our animals. Shipping a live animal requires the proper experience to ensure the animal arrives alive to their new home. 

Choose Strictly Reptiles Exotic Reptile Store

Strictly Reptiles continues to remain at the forefront of exotic reptiles breeding, care, and distribution. If you are interested in an exotic reptile store that is more interested in its animals than the bottom line then we are the choice for you. We also offer the food and accessories to ensure your reptile is happy and fed. Contact us today!

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