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Frozen Mice For Sale

December 27, 2018
Posted by Piero Alkhal

Have you been looking to buy high-quality frozen mice for sale online? If so, look no further than Strictly Reptiles. We are a wholesale supplier of all things reptiles and offer only high-quality supplies, all at great wholesale prices.

Strictly Reptiles provides wholesale reptiles supplies and a large selection of live reptiles for sale online. But, for those looking for frozen mice for sale, check out all of the great deals we currently have on frodents (aka frozen rodents) at strictly-reptiles.flywheelsites.com

Strictly Reptiles has been the industry leader for over 30 years with a wide variety of numerous different options in sizes including pinky, small, medium, and large adult mice. Click on any of the links provided below to check out our different selections of frozen mice for sale.

Order Sizes

  • Frozen Mice (Pinky) – 50 pack – $52.50 ($1.05 each)
  • Frozen Mice (Pinky) – 100 pack – $72.80 ($0.73 each)
  • Frozen Mice (Small) – 25 pack – $39.37 ($1.57 each)
  • Frozen Mice (Small) – 50 pack – $63.00 ($1.26 each)
  • Frozen Mice (Small) – 100 pack – $78.40 ($0.78 each)
  • Frozen Mice (Medium) – 25 pack – $46.50 ($1.86 each)
  • Frozen Mice (Large) – 25 pack – $46.50 ($1.86 each)
  • Frozen Mice (Large) – 50 pack – $86.80 (1.73 each)

Click here to check out our full selection of frozen mice and rats for sale online.

Frodents is our result of the high demand from clients looking to buy frozen mice for sale online at low wholesale prices. Strictly Reptiles is proud to supply zoos, Pet Shops, and Hobbyists.

You no longer need to deal with the cost and difficulty of keeping animals alive to feed them to their actual pet. Frozen Rodents cost a lot less than live food and are much more convenient.

You also no longer need to keep visiting your pet store to keep on getting more mice for your pet. With frozen mice, you can just keep your frozen rodents in a freezer and feed them to your pet snake, lizard, amphibians or other pet reptiles whenever you think it’s convenient to do so.

At Strictly Reptiles our team is committed to providing the best and highest quality care. We have a team and staff who love animals and take great care of all of our animals as if they were their own.

If you are ready to buy the highest quality of frozen mice for sale online feel free to contact us online or call us at 954-967-8310 to speak to one of our team members. We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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Frozen Mice For Sale