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Frozen Rodents for Snakes

February 25, 2019
Posted by Piero Alkhal

If you are a pet owner feeding your pet snake frozen foods, then it is important to choose a top and trusted company to be your supplier. Visit Strictly Reptiles, We are a leading wholesale supplier of frozen rodents for snakes.

We carry frozen rodents in all sizes including pinkies for snakes and reptiles that you have raised from hatchlings. We also carry medium and large mice or rats for larger snakes and reptiles. Click here to view our full selection of frozen rodents for snakes.

Feeding your pet snakes frozen rodents will make your life much easier and much safer for your snake. When you place your order with us online at Strictly Reptiles, your order will be shipped within a few days. This eliminates the hassle of you going to the pet store regularly.

All of our frozen rodents are available at wholesale price with great shipping rates. Some of our customers include pet shops, zoos, and hobbyist.

Here at Strictly Reptiles, we know how important it is to feed your pets high-quality frozen rodents. That is why our frozen rodents are all raised in our very own USDA licensed facility. 

Our professional staff who love animals also make sure that each and every frozen rodent is properly packed and shipped in the very best way possible. We guarantee they will arrive at your front door as described.

  • 25 PK MICE – SMALL
  • 25 PK MICE – LARGE
  • 50 PK MICE – LARGE
  • 50 PK MICE – SMALL
  • 50 PK MICE – PINKY
  • 100 PK MICE – PINKY
  • 100 PK MICE – SMALL
  • 20 PK  RATS – SMALL

You can count on Strictly Reptiles to provide you with the highest quality frozen rodents available. When you are planning to order frozen rodents for your pet snakes give us a try. You will not regret it.

At Strictly Reptiles you will also find a large selection of unique and exotic reptiles for sale online including snakes, lizards, and other reptiles. Click here to check out a full selection of reptiles for sale at Strictly Reptiles.

If you have any questions concerning what size of frozen rodents should you be feeding your pet snake or how often you should feed your pet snake, call us at 954-967-8310 or contact us online our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Frozen Rodents for Snakes