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Pet Turtles For Sale Perfect For Beginners

June 9, 2020
Posted by Valentina Delcoro

Do Turtles Make Good Pets?

Turtles make great pets, even for beginners! While they do have specific habitat and food requirements like any pet, they are quite manageable for most turtle breeds. Just plan to dedicate a few hours each week to cleaning and restocking on supplies and some time each day to feed and interact with/observe your pet. Most turtles are omnivorous, though certain species will have slightly varied diets. With a few notable exceptions, like the snapping turtle, most pet turtles for sale can be handled and regular handling can be an important part of bonding with and taming your pet. That said, you should avoid overhandling as this can stress your pet. 

It is important to note, children and adults alike should wash their hands each and every time they handle their turtle or reach into their enclosure. This is because turtles, like a variety of other reptiles and amphibians, can transmit salmonella to humans with reckless handling. However, if you are careful, the pros of caring for these beautiful and often docile creatures far outweigh the cons. 


Strictly Reptiles

Strictly Reptiles carries over a dozen amazing breeds with options great for novice turtle owners and experienced hobbyists. Below are three species we believe would be particularly suited to a person who has yet to care for a turtle. 


Chinese Golden Thread Turtle 

This turtle is named for the delicate yellow and green stripes that stretch from the top of the head down the neck. Like most pet turtles we are familiar with, the Chinese Golden spends most of its time in the water. However, they still need an accessible space and light source above the water for basking. One major draw of this turtle is that it is a sociable species and can be kept with one or many companions. Just always make sure to have ample room for each of your pets and upgrade your enclosure as you add new members.  


Central American Ornate Wood Turtle

These turtles have beautiful shells, making them a favorite as pets. Their shells boast both intricate patterns and bright colors giving them the alternate name of Painted Wood Turtles. But Ornate Wood turtles are not only great to look at. These Central American reptiles are also very personable! It is said that at mealtimes, these turtles will beg for food much like a dog or cat. These turtles also only grow to about 8 inches at most. 


Vietnamese Pond Turtle

Vietnamese Pond turtles, also known as Annam Leaf Turtles, are a small species growing to a maximum of 7 inches. This makes them great for first time owners with limited space to dedicate to an enclosure. In the wild, these turtles are nearly extinct in their natural ecosystem in part due to the pet trade. Strictly Reptiles’ Pond Turtles are captive bred, so you can rest assured that owning one of these beautiful creatures will not be negatively impacting their home habitat.   


If you are almost ready to take the leap and own your first turtle but need some further clarification, please feel free to send us a message!

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