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Where to Buy Frozen Rodents for Reptiles

Reptile owners, particularly owners of snakes- have always had to look for a local location to buy frozen rodents. Pet stores and even more-so, exotic reptile stores are not always down...
June 22, 2020
Posted by Joe Shopsin

Pet Turtles For Sale Perfect For Beginners

Do Turtles Make Good Pets? Turtles make great pets, even for beginners! While they do have specific habitat and food requirements like any pet, they are quite manageable for most turtle...
June 9, 2020
Posted by Valentina Delcoro

Why Buy Mice Frozen For Snakes?

If you are looking for frozen mice for snakes look no further than Strictly Reptiles. Frozen mice make for a safer alternative than feeding snakes live rats or mice. Finding where...
June 1, 2020
Posted by Manny Fernandez

What Reptile Websites Wholesale Offer Pet Stores

Wholesale reptile websites offer great advantages for pet stores. They are a great source for a wide range of wholesale snakes, reptiles, and more. The wholesale website you choose is an...
May 26, 2020
Posted by Manny Fernandez

Buying Python Morphs For Sale

There are a wide variety of ball python morphs for sale that make fantastic pets. A ball python morph is created when two different ball pythons are bred together. This creates...
May 18, 2020
Posted by Manny Fernandez

Where To Buy Snakes Wholesale

Are you a pet store owner interested in where to buy snakes at wholesale prices? Reptile pet stores rely on wholesale reptile suppliers to keep their stock with healthy and popular...
February 18, 2020
Posted by Manny Fernandez

What To Consider About Amphibians For Sale

More and more people are considering buying amphibians for sale and with good reason. Amphibians can make unique and exciting pets, but caring for pet amphibians is often more difficult than...
February 11, 2020
Posted by Kyle Gorham

Tips To Find The Best Reptiles Pet Shop

It’s safe to say the majority of people looking for pet shop reptiles have a love for these beautiful creatures. Whether it’s beautiful snakes, unique gecko morphs, or more exotic reptiles,...
November 27, 2019
Posted by Kyle Gorham

What to Consider When Buying Baby Lizards For Sale

If you’re considering buying baby lizards for sale, you’re on the cusp of making a truly inspiring choice. Still, the truth is that lizards (or reptiles in general) aren’t everyone’s idea...
November 13, 2019
Posted by Kyle Gorham