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Why Buy Mice Frozen For Snakes?

June 1, 2020
Posted by Manny Fernandez

If you are looking for frozen mice for snakes look no further than Strictly Reptiles. Frozen mice make for a safer alternative than feeding snakes live rats or mice. Finding where to buy your snake frozen mice at great prices can be exhausting. 

Strictly Reptiles is a wholesale supplier of reptiles, amphibians, and all the supplies needed to keep these unique animals happy and healthy. With over three decades in the industry, we service everyone from zoos, pet stores, and pet owners. 

Frozen rodents are much more convenient when it comes to feeding pet snakes. They can be extremely helpful for people who have had enough of keeping live mice and rats at home. 

They can also remove the hassle of having to frequently go to the pet store to stock up on food for their slithery friend. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of using frozen rodents for your pet snake. 

If you would like to buy frozen mice for snakes today, please visit our online reptile store. If you have any other questions, be sure to contact Strictly Reptiles today to speak with an expert. 

Benefits Of Frozen Mice And Rats

Using frozen rats or mice to feed your snake is the safer and more convenient option. It is easy to buy frozen mice for snakes online and receive them at your door within days. They can easily be transferred to a refrigerator for feeding time. 

Frozen or thawed rodents are sometimes referred to as frodents. They offer the same nutritional benefits for your snake as live rodents and are convenient. All snake owners should consider frozen mice for their snakes.

The primary benefit of using frozen rodents as food for your pet snake is the safety of you and your pet. A live rodent could mistake your snake for food and bite your pet snake. 

A single bite from a mouse could seriously injure or even kill your pet snake. Rodent bites on snakes is one of the most common occurrences when a live mouse is introduced to the snake’s enclosure. 

This is why snake experts consistently recommend snake pet owners buy frozen mice for snakes. 

Using Frozen Rodents For Your Pet Snake

Feeding snakes frozen or thawed rodents is the ideal option. It is important to note however that in some cases your pet snake may refuse the frozen or thawed food. Offering a live rodent to your pet snake should be the absolute last option. 

If you have no other choice but to feed your snake a live rodent, it is important for you to keep an extremely close eye on the live rodent, whether it’s a rat or mouse. Both can pose a serious risk to you and your pet. 

Fortunately, your pet snake can be conditioned over time to eat frozen mice and rats. This can be different for every snake. It is helpful to use certain feeding routines over the course of time.

Different feeding routines can help convert a snake from live food to frozen rodents eventually. Consider this conditioning as an important investment in saving yourself future hassle and a possible injury to your snake.

Buy Frozen Mice For Sale Online

Strictly Reptiles makes it easy for snake owners to buy frozen mice for sale online. We are the best source for frozen mice and rats shipped directly to your door within just a few days.

Visit us today to browse our frozen rodents for sale and view our other products that can keep your pet snake happy and healthy. 

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