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Ball Python Morphs History

September 4, 2019
Posted by Manny Fernandez

Ball python morphs have continued to grow in popularity in recent years and the reasons are easy to see. Ball pythons make great pets with their interesting behavior and incredibly beautiful appearances.

Thanks to years of breeding, there is a wide range of python morphs for sale available, each with different and truly remarkable colors and patterns. These unique animals were not always so freely available. 

It was almost three decades ago when the first ball python morph was produced in 1992. Since then, their alluring colors and behaviors have continued to interest pet owners all over the world.

The history of morphs is just as interesting as the creatures themselves. Continue reading to learn the history of ball python breeding. If you have any more questions or would like to browse a large selection of wholesale ball pythons for sale, be sure to visit Simply Reptiles today. 

Morphs Available Prior To The 1990s

It is hard to imagine now, but there was a time in the not-so-distant past when the numerous morphs now available did not exist. Prior to the early 1990’s, the majority of ball pythons for sale were adult snakes.

Adult male snakes were considered ideal because they were relatively inexpensive to import. Females were viewed as difficult to breed in captivity. To this day, adult ball pythons are still cheaper than unique morphs.

In 1992, breeder Bob Clark produced the first ball python morph. Since then, many pet owners have opted for the unique appearances of ball python morphs despite being slightly more expensive. Since the birth of the first morph, thousands of pythons have been imported and numerous ball python morphs have been produced. 

Increased Popularity of Ball Pythons

The albino ball python drew increased fascination and attention to morphs. Breeders dedicated years to developing python morphs that would capture the attention of people from all walks of life.

The amount of variation means that new morphs are constantly being discovered. As new variations are discovered, more and more people have discovered the joys of caring for a ball python. 

Snakes Make Great Pets 

Along with incredible colors and unique patterns, the biggest reason why ball pythons have remained popular with pet owners is that they also make great pets. Typically, ball pythons are easy to take care of.

With only a bit of preparation, anyone can become a competent ball python owner. Snakes like ball pythons do not require a lot of attention and require little maintenance. It is important to remember that some ball pythons may be more challenging than others, however. 

Find Ball Python Morphs For Sale Online

Strictly Reptiles are experienced and quality snake breeders that offer python morphs for sale online to pet stores and pet owners. Our breeding facility adheres to the highest industry standards and all of our animals are healthy and fully cared for.

Visit our online reptile store today to find a ball python morph for you. 

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