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Where To Buy Reptiles And Amphibians Online

March 19, 2019
Posted by Manny Fernandez

Buying reptiles and amphibians online can be a great source for finding lizards, geckos, bearded dragons, snakes, and other exotic pets. Not only will pet owners have a wider selection of choices but they can always benefit from the extensive knowledge that these online reptile pet stores have. Of course, finding your next scaly or slimy friend is not as easy as simply choosing any online reptile pet store. Reptiles and amphibians, like other pets, have their own unique requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to ensure their health and happiness.

Considerations When Choosing A Reptiles And Amphibians Online Store

The following article will highlight the major considerations pet owners should be aware of when choosing an online pet store in which to purchase reptiles and amphibians. Using these tips will ensure you find a trusted and qualified reptiles and amphibians supplier.

Use The Internet To Do Your Research

Online customer reviews are a great way to narrow the selection of reptiles and amphibians online stores and get a sense of how they interact with customers and conduct business. Online resources such as Google, Facebook, Yelp!, and other websites can provide you with reviews written by people who have had experience with a particular online reptiles and amphibians store and their services.

Although positive reviews are important negative reviews should not always be trusted but can be verified by identifying what the reviewer’s particular issues were. By collecting this information you will be able to paint a better picture of the services that an online reptile and amphibian supplier provides and how they interact with their customers.

Pet Reptile And Amphibian Breeders Are The Best Choice

Unlike traditional amphibians and reptiles suppliers, pet reptile and amphibian breeders are held to a higher standard. These breeders are required to adhere to regulations imposed by certain government agencies such as the USDA. The reptiles and amphibians online breeders must have a compliant facility and be registered with the USDA. These regulations are important to the health and safety of the animals they are breeding and the breeders themselves. Always choose breeders over traditional suppliers for this reason.

Cheaper Prices Are Not A Good Thing

It is important to note that a reptile and amphibian online store may not have cheap prices for a number of reasons. The primary reason to avoid these stores is that their facilities are often overrun by illness and malnourishment due to poor conditions and care. Some of these reptiles and amphibians online stores will even misidentify animals that can cause you hassles and more expensive costs in dealing with an unhealthy animal.

Review The Shipping Information And Warranty Options

Shipping any live animal including live reptiles and amphibians has unique challenges that must be considered to ensure the safe delivery of your new reptile or amphibian friend. There are many reptiles and online stores that may offer discount prices knowing the will upcharge on the shipping and handling costs. A legitimate online reptile or amphibian store will have a readily available shipping and handling warranty that you can review. The primary concern when shipping a reptile or amphibian is the health and well being of the animal, which is important to remember.

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