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Where To Find Reptiles Wholesale

July 10, 2019
Posted by Manny Fernandez

The right reptiles wholesale supplier can provide you with an incredible selection of exotic reptiles for your pet store. Reptiles have become increasingly popular as pets in recent years and the reasons why are easy to see.

Reptiles are beautiful pets with interesting behaviors and personalities. They require about as much attention and support as other pets and can even live longer than some. Each species has its own unique traits that make them special companions. 

Pet stores looking to improve their selection of reptiles need to look no further than Strictly Reptiles. With over three decades of experience and a dedicated staff, we have become one of the premier wholesale reptile stores.

Customers have continued to rely on us for delivering exotic and rare reptiles and amphibians to pet stores and interested reptile owners. 

Our Commitment To Our Customers

Strictly Reptiles has been extremely successful for a number of reasons. One of which is our dedication to learning the needs and requirements of our customers. Every pet store business is different and may have different needs.

We do our absolute best to learn what our clients need and assist them fully. This commitment to our customers and our passion for our creatures have made us a premier source for wholesale snakes, lizards, turtles, and much more. 

A Quality Facility

One of the things that set us apart from other online reptile stores is our fully regulated and clean facility. A major problem with many online reptile stores is the condition in which their animals are kept.

Many of these facilities are unsterile and unregulated. This leads to many of their reptiles being unhealthy or sick. By contrast, Strictly Reptiles runs a fully regulated facility dedicated to ensuring the health and well being of all of our animals. 

When you choose any of our reptiles you can be certain that they will have been kept in the best environment. All of our animals are compassionately monitored and kept in the best conditions while they await a new home. 

Strictly Reptiles’ Shipping Methods

Shipping live animals always requires taking certain precautions to ensure the safety of the animal. Strictly Reptiles is experienced in shipping live reptiles and takes a great deal of care preparing every one of our animals to be shipped.

We have designed a specialized Creature Features comfort service that allows clients to add heat packs to the shipment. The heat packs can help further ensure that the reptile arrives safe and healthy at their destination. 

Every reptile is prepared and shipped in-house by our trained, professional staff. This sets us apart from other reptiles wholesale suppliers who contract shipping duties to other companies.

We also provide our clients with guarantees and policies should an animal arrive dead. We have become well-known for our reliable, safe, and fast shipping options. 

Some of Our Wholesale Reptiles Selection

The diverse collection of exotic pet reptiles and amphibians that Strictly Reptiles has is truly one-of-a-kind. Our FDA approved facility cares for a number of these magnificent creatures from boas and ball pythons to agamids and frogs.

Contact Strictly Reptiles to learn how to become a registered distributor today. 

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