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Are Reptiles and Snakes Good Pets?

July 17, 2019
Posted by Kyle Gorham

Are you considering wholesale reptiles and snakes for your pet collection? People all too often believe of reptiles and snakes are scary, ugly, even slimy creatures. However, after the first touch of a real live snake, it’s easy to see why their false notion is quickly broken.  

There are a lot of false impressions of what snakes and reptiles might be like. These untrue preconceptions unfortunately keep many people from becoming proud owners of these beautiful creatures.

Fortunately, pet reptiles and snakes are becoming more popular than ever. If you’re considering whether or not reptiles and snakes make great pets, keep reading. To shop for wholesale reptiles and snakes, navigate through our online reptile shop!

Are Snakes Good Pets?

Snakes are a beautiful and fascinating species. More and more people around the world are learning to enjoy the pleasures of having these unique animals as pets. Snakes are fascinating to watch and generally tame.

They can be enjoyable to hold and watch as they curl up around your arm.  Although it’s true that this enjoyment is different than having a warm and cuddly furry friend, such as a dog or cat, all types of animals have their own charm and there’s no reason to not enjoy having both as part of the family.

Pet snakes are great to look at and have the advantage of being fairly easy to feed and care for.  Although the initial setup of their cage can be a bit of a chore, a healthy habitat is fairly easy to maintain after everything is in place.  

Once the snake’s enclosure is designed and built, all that’s left to do is routine maintenance.  Since snakes don’t have to go outside or leave to go to the bathroom, it’s important to make the cage is kept clean and free from debris or droppings.  

The enclosure is a small space where the snake lives and eats, so keeping it fresh and habitable for your pet will greatly improve the condition and overall health of your new friend.

Feeding Pet Snakes

Some people have some concerns when it comes to feeding snakes for the first time. Snakes are not vegetarians and their choice meal is typically mice or rodents of some kind. What this means is having to feed your pet another live animal at some point, which many find disconcerting.  

Fortunately, there are better, safer alternative options available. It’s been recommended by most experts to buy frozen rodents for sale instead of feeding snakes live mice or rats. Not only is this easier for uncertain owners but it’s actually safer, cheaper, and advantageous to the snakes themselves.

Having a pet snake is a wonderful addition to your family. There are a wide variety of snake breeds to choose from and wholesale reptiles and snakes help reptile stores to add even more choices to their available collection.

If you’d like to discuss the reasons why snakes and reptiles make great pets, reach out to a knowledgeable expert. Contact Strictly Reptiles to find out which creatures are best for beginners or register as a member to view the wholesale snakes and reptiles we have available in our store.

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